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What Does Your Entryway Say About Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

What Does Your Entryway Say About Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

The curb appeal to your home is the first impression to neighbors, as well as, to future potential home buyers. So how would you rate your home’s exterior entryway for curb appeal? Does it give off a beautiful and welcoming impression or does it need a little “love”?

home curb appealIf you answered that your home needs a little “love” here are just a few great ways to do just that. It’s always good to make a list so projects can be planned, scheduled and completed in a time frame that works best for you. Taking “before” and “after” photographs are always helpful in order to see the progress as well.

The entryway of your home is the main focal point to your home’s curb appeal to anyone driving by or living in the neighborhood. Make a statement with a pop of color by painting the front door a vibrant or bold color or installing a custom door for the space.

door knockerWant to put that special touch on the current door you already have? Add new fixtures! Fixtures can change the look to any space easily and quickly. Selecting a great antique knob or unique knocker can give your entryway a new feel.

Keep your walkways looking crisp by having them pressure cleaned once or twice a year and repair any cracks or holes in the pavement. Adding potted plants at the end or beginning of the walkway will help give it that extra touch.

If you have an entryway porch, make sure all wood boards are secure and well maintained. Adding a new coat of paint in a neutral or a bold color always makes it look new!

Do you have your street numbers at the entryway? If so make sure the numbers are clear and displayed in a manner that people can see them during the day and in the evening. Add lighting if they can’t be seen in the evening.

Whatever elements you choose to implement to give a little more “love” to your entryway and help your curb appeal make sure that those changes reflect your overall style. Your home is your sanctuary.